www.ShiftPayments.com – Bitcoin payments shift in U.S. cards Debit cards with ease

About the shift of This Card

The shift of this card is a debit card that can Be used offline and online. The card connects to the accounts Coinbase to provide You an easy way for a match. You can view the trade and control Every thing that is associated with a credit card at a iOS and Android Application that lets you manage Your card accounts.

Alter payment is payment processing system to Pay your suppliers and customers straight into the card. This shift also lets Traders whitelabel cards. If you have previously ordered a physical Wallet electronic even from other companies, then technically you want cards Shift.

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Highlights of change card which consumers

  • To connect the card into your Coinbase accounts Shifts, you’ll be able to log in to your account Coinbase with your email address and Your password
  • Shift Your Card will process the Bitcoin on The exchange rate at the present time of purchase and attached to the pocket Coinbase
  • Though you use the Bitcoin to your Purchase is going to be switched to USD during processing
  • Shift Card may be used anywhere that will accept Visa
  • To create a purchase-consumers will have Instant access to a own card has Shift Bit coin without annual fee

How to Find card shifting

  • Proceed to shiftpayments.com, and then click on the Button”connect coinbase” on the homepage
  • You’re going to be redirected to Coinbase, you must Sign in to gain access to your accounts Coinbase
  • After successfully logging in, you may be Motivated to select which wallet should Alter debit Bit coin

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If You Wish to install fresh digital wallet Debit, you need to have the method as a way to set a new wallet From this interface. After the consent is created you have to have Shiny new Bit-coin visa bank card goes to you!


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