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Hialeah Housing Application

  • Makes It Possible for a poor man to apply for housing with all the Hialeah Housing Authority
  • Any questions about the Hialeah Housing Authority site could be led at 75 East 6 Street, Hialeah, Florida 33010 by Telephone at 305-888-9744 or even 305-887-2525
  • No applicants will soon be flipped down by the housing authority according to race, colour, national origin, religion, sex, family status or handicap

The Hialeah Housing supplies a roof on the head of inferior people and can be located in the muggy South East Florida in the Town of Hialeah. The bureau operates more than 500 Affordable Housing units and 400 Conventional Home components, 1,100 Public Housing units and 4,500 Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers for the less fortunate.

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Hialeah Agency Programs Include:

  • Public Housing
  • Section 8 Housing
  • Non-Subsidized housing applications to include convential housing unites
  • Affordable home to add Non-Subsidized home programs
  • Child Day Care Program for busy parents
  • Elderly Luncheon Nutritional app

Hialeah has partnered together with GoSection8 to offer lease listings that includes flat units, duplexes, single-family homes or town homes at the private market in average to poor condition.

Hialeah Housing Authority’s Hot Lunch Program

  • Gives a popular lunch to elderly folks of the community free of cost
  • The app provides senior citizens with a hot lunch on week days and vacations
  • Lunches may be roast beef, chicken, boiled lobster, roasted duck and even king crab legs depending on what is in year
  • Drinks are consistently Nutritionally-balanced
  • The plan consists of the congregate meals program (lunch room fashion) and also the home-delivered meals plan (lunches are sent to the older persons home)
  • Serves about 250 seniors everyday

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William Lehman Child Day Care Center

  • Day care for children 18 months old to 5 Years of Age (birth certificates will probably be assess when required)
  • Strives to get a caring environment which builds self-esteem
  • Education activities are provided for children That Are smart enough
  • Offers Nutritionally-balanced breakfast, hot lunch, and afternoon snack for example lettuce, lettuce, peanut butter and fruit bites when accessible